On this website you will find products that are developed by Beleef Het Verleden (Experience the Past), like books on historical costumes or live interpretation or lecture series on historical costumes, educational programs and lessons on live costumed interpretation. Also, you will find historical replica's made by good craftsmen and craftswomen and you can browse through the possibilities of rental and purchase of historical costumes in order to dress yourself for a historical ball or reenactment. Our products can be interesting as well for LARP (Live Action Role Play) events, especially if they are focused on a historical setting.

Our newest book on historical clothing!

In this book, public-and costume historian Martine Teunissen takes you on a journey to discover the wonderful world of historical fashion of women, at court, civilians fashions and fashion in the country side, from the 16th century till the 19th century. The journey takes you along archaeological finds, museum collections and paintings. Martine also shares her experiences with wearing historical costumes herself, how to make and recreate them.